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Chad Jones and Theatre Dogs on “Holy Crime” from Campo Santo and A.C.T.


some press perspective on the latest: 'Holy Crime' review: Rockin' tribute to early Sam Shepard


2013: The year’s best Bay Area theater | Chad Jones' Theater Dogs

Thank you to Chad Jones for the inclusion of two of our most special projects on this list: “The River” by Richard Montoya and Luis Alfaro’s “Alleluia, The Road”.


"As with every Campo Santo production, you are guaranteed intelligence and emotion and powerful writing and incredible performances."  

- Chad Jones, Theater Dogs





Holy Crime: Rock N Roll and Sam Shepard

January 09 through January 19| 8PM | THU-SUN | $25


As part of the Magic Theatre’s Sheparding Americathe several years’ long celebration of the legend Sam Shepard, these two companies are creating a special performance bringing out the musical heart of Shepard’s works.  

This new piece Holy Crime: Rock N Roll and Sam Shepard is an evening length piece that brings a live music concert experience using writing from some of Shepard’s earlier “rock and roll” era works: Holy Ghostly and The Tooth of Crime Campo Santo and American Conservatory Theatre, led by this project’s Co-Directors Sean San Joseand Mark Rucker, have developed an evening that merges the texts and aesthetics of both original pieces and their own styles to create a piece responding to the the spirit of these early pieces- and done with all live music- throughout.

Seats will fill up- these shows are for only 50 people a night- and for two weeks only! Don’t miss your opportunity to experience this front row live music and theatre battle! 

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Continuing our explorations of redefining performance spaces- we are presenting this for only 50 people a show, for two weeks only- our own version of an in house concert residency.  After going on a journey for Luis Alfaro’s “Alleluia, The Road” we hope you will want to travel more with us in an intimate theatre experience.  In the past we have used our new play focus to populate iconic landscapes with our own aesthetic and communities- like with “Hamlet: Blood in the Brain” with Naomi Iizuka and California Shakepseare Theater.  We hope you will join us as we play and populate in the Sam Shepard world and enjoy some hot music theatre in the process with collaborators coming together from Campo Santo, A.C.T.’s MFA program, Felonious, Dirty Boots, Golda and the Guns, Makossa West, the Mime Troupe, Mugwumpin- featuring: Juan Amador, Steve Boss, Myers Clark, Ryan Williams French, Lisa Hori-Garcia, Florentino Gonzales, Rachel Lastimosa, Golda Sargento, Tommy Shepherd, Sango Tajima, Isiah Thompson and Alejandro Acosta, Nicole Lucero, Ashely Rogers, and Ashley Smiley.

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Our latest project— new live music theatre performance piece- Holy Crime: Rock N Roll and Sam Shepard..

Bringing a live concert experience to the words of Sam Shepard.. Campo Santo and A.C.T. as part of the Magic Theatre’s Sheparding America


Campo Santo and A.C.T. present: Holy Crime: Rock N Roll and Sam Shepard | Facebook

New Campo Santo project working with A.C.T.

"Holy Crime: Rock N Roll and Sam Shepard"

bringing a new live music concert experience to Sam Shepard’s words!


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Radio Theatre Performances selections of Luis Alfaro's play "Alleluia, The Road" for Campo Santo